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Kanykei Tursunbaeva

Organizing member of “City as a Classroom”, research associate at European Academy of Sciences, Ukraine. Correspondent at Global Voices and Expedition Journal.

Email: kanykei.tursunbaeva@euasu.org

Maya Shnedovych

Organizing member of “City as a Classroom”, journalist, research associate at “The Memory Institute”, coordinator of the project “European history of Jewish people”

Email: maya.shnedovich@euasu.org

Mary Saparkina

Organizing member of “City as a Classroom”, journalist of the Digital World. Researcher and translator at Academy APSI

Email: mary.saparkina@euasu.org

Myroslav Bekchyv

Organizing member of “City as a classroom”, Journalist at Expedition Journal, Senior Editor of the Literary and Scientific Bulletin Grushevsky.

Email: myroslav.bekchyv@euasu.org

Alexey Samsonov

Illustrator of “City as a Classroom”. –°orresponding member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Artist, Illustrator, photographer, photo editor of Expedition journal, Presidium member of Odessa Photographic Society.