ACADEMY OF THE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES INDUSTRY (APSI Academy) is a professional community of independent experts from Spain, Italy, Germany, USA and Ukraine. The objective of the Academy is to develop practical methods of problem-solving which are indispensable for business structures and private individuals in the XXI century. The expert department includes specialists from the fields such as strategic consulting, finances, management, professional selection, depth psychology, philosophy, sociology of religions, jurisprudence, criminology, criminalistics, journalism, security, and personal security.

The Eastern European University Network

The Eastern European University Network – Association of universities from five countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia and Poland. The aim of the network is to partner in research, teaching students and networking with universities. This goal should be accomplished by means of international grants and research projects, exchange of scientific and research services, the use of infrastructure, implementation of joint educational projects – such as the development of international training programs, exchange of students and scholars.


Ukrainian Association of Religious Scholars (UAR) – non-political, social organization, uniting religious scholars, religious theologians, teachers of religious courses of educational institutions of Ukraine on a voluntary basis. The main goal of the UAR is to unite and coordinate the efforts of religious leaders of Ukraine in the study of religion, search for solutions to the current problems related to the history and modern condition of religions in the country; development of religious education in the Ukrainian state.

Institute of Political and Ethno-National Studies named after I.F.Kurasa, NAS of Ukraine

Institute of Political and Ethno-National Studies named after I.F.Kurasa, NAS of Ukraine. The Institute was created with the aim of in-depth and comprehensive development decisions of the problems that have become necessary with the declaration of independence of Ukraine. Institute studies modern dynamics of political institutions and processes, the correlation between politics and ethnonational relations, development of new paradigms of ethnonational development, the prevention of conflict in the aforementioned sphere, modeling optimal decisions for ethnopolitics, the technology of management of political and inter-ethnic relations, the implementation of expertise of the bills, state and non-state development programs in various spheres of public life.


European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is a European Academy that unites intellectual elite from all around the globe. One of its main purposes is to conduct multidisciplinary research; EASU regularly сonducts international conferences on the most challenging and relevant issues to find solutions to the problems that cannot be resolved even on the state level. The European Academy of Sciences strives to revive and strengthen the prestige and power of science globally. In the near future it plans to establish several multidisciplinary academic journals at the intersection of philosophy, anthropology, sociology, criminology, psychology, cultural studies, political science, and others.


The Creative Bureaucracy Initiative aims to promote public sector creativity and innovation. The Creative Bureaucracy Festival was created to bring together imaginative public servants and their allies from around the world and to offer them a platform for exchange, inspiration and to give mutual support to the engine behind all public sector innovation: its people.


The Western Morning News is a daily regional newspaper founded in 1860, and covering the West Country including Devon, Cornwall, Isles of Scilly and parts of Somerset and Dorset in the South West of England. The Western Morning News was founded by William Saunders and Edward Spender, father of Sir Wilfrid Spender, on 3 January 1860. It has been published continuously since the first edition, including throughout the 1926 General Strike and the Plymouth Blitz. At the moment it is an online publication.


A scientific society, a creative union of professional and amateur photographers. It was founded in Odessa with the assistance of scientists G. G. Marazli, A. A. Verigo, N. V. Shimanovsky on September 13, 1891. It is the first association of photographers in the Russian Empire. The Odessa Photographic Society was revived after 128 years and the first meeting was held on October 29, 2019. The head of the society is academician and photographer Oleg Maltsev.


The Historical and Literary Society was established by The Memory Institute and the Expeditionary Corps. The society unites scientists and members of the corps, it is engaged in applied science and applied research activities. It was revived and has begun functioning in the Odessa regional branch of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences headed on October 15, 2019. The prototype of The Historical and Literary Society is the Heidelberg Historical and Literary Community which values all traditions of the true science and is distinguished by its dedication to practical aspects.

Strategic Forecasting and Planning Center

The Center is engaged in social forecasting and research to improve the tools of systematizing and integrating forecasting methods. Moreover, the center is engaged in research in the field of strategic social management. One of the main goals is to determine the special aspects of the social process in modality of the future.